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Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can involve all or just some of the following symptoms; an increased desire for sexual activity either with the same partner, multiple partners, one-night stands or frequent affairs. The sexual activity normally becomes more spontaneous, rough and experimental when addiction has developed and sexual appetite becomes more difficult to fulfil.

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Sexual images, pornography and an increase in pornographic films and magazines often accompany sex addiction with material of a more hardcore nature being sought to satisfy the addiction. Along with this, masturbation will usually become more frequent and more spontaneous.

Why Does Sex Addiction Occur?

Experts believe that most cases of sex addiction occur as a result of unexposed or concealed abuse rooted in the childhood years. It develops as do most addictions as the ‘more you have the more you need’. As sex causes the release of endorphins, the feel good chemicals, sex addicts believe they experience frequent ‘highs’ from their addiction; the truth is that once an addiction has developed, it becomes more and more difficult to satisfy the craving.

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