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Dominic Case Study

Please be aware that we have changed the names in this case study as well as some of the circumstances. Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us in all things we do. Images are for illustration only.

Dominic came to the Portland Centre in 2004. He was dealing with a huge drugs and alcohol addiction which had caused severe, clinical psychological disorders.

He had decided he did not want to die, but could not think straight about finding a solution, so he came to the Portland Centre, where he was made welcome, taken to a peaceful, quiet room and asked to share his story. He was very nervous and very jumpy, shaking and paranoid, frightened of noise and imaginary people entering the room.

Thankfully Dominic got the help he needed

He unfolded a story of being abandoned by his family, childhood abuse, fear and sadness. He had begun smoking marijuana at 12yrs old, moving on to stronger drugs, eventually leading to a serious heroin addiction.

Alcohol was also a considerable problem for Dominic and the combination was making him very ill, both physically and mentally.

He did very well, but was exhausted. The Portland Centre worker recognised he needed immediate professional help and so sought advice, making him an immediate appointment with a local Drugs Rehabilitation Organisation. Recognising he was incapable of keeping the appointment without assistance, the Worker took him to his appointment. She accompanied him, upon his request, to speak to the Specialist who arranged an immediate residential course.

We did not see Dominic for two months, but when he was released he came back. He was frightened to ‘go it alone’ so he came into the Centre everyday to ‘report’ on how he was doing.

Dominic followed his treatments and was amply supported in his rehabilitation by the Specialists and the Portland Centre. Slowly he improved and made progress. He started taking an interest in his local Community and became known for his kindness and always being ready to help anyone who called upon his help.

He was so ill that he will never completely recover his health, but he has managed, with support, to stay clean and he pops in at least once a week for a quick chat.