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Benefit Appeals/Tribunals

Have you been claiming DLA/ESA? Has your benefit recently been cut? Do you feel you should still be entitled to the benefit? Or do you think you need to Claim DLA, PIP or ESA? Have you made a Claim? Has the Claim been refused?

If you believe you have a real need to claim any of these benefits because your physical or mental condition means you are unable to work, contact the Portland Centre, where we will help you to make an appeal.

Help appeal benefit decisions at The Portland Centre

This is how our Support Workers will help you:

If your claim is successful, we will make sure all your benefits are received and you are happy.

If your claim is unsuccessful we will apply to the DWP for a further appeal. Or we will try to help you see this as a new chapter in your life and an opportunity to make a new life for yourself. We will help you search for your 'dream' job.

What next?

If you need effective advice and assistance, just call us on 01305 824333 or email us using our contact form or pop in to see a Portland Centre Staff member, to receive immediate assistance.