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Family / Neighbour Disputes

People have brought their family and neighbour dispute problems to the Portland Centre for 18 years and so we have seen virtually everything.

Most people have some sort of disagreement with family, friends or neighbours. Ranging from small irritating bugbears to extreme situations that can involve the Police - all of which can cause a great deal of stress for the victims.

Noisy dog barking

We will help you with:

Family fights hurt not only the people involved, but other members of the family, who may feel that they have to take sides. However, there are steps you could take to begin working together to heal a family feud.

We can help you start to talk and heal the rift.

Stalking and harassment is behaviour that is repeated and unwanted by the victim. The behaviours may seem very normal and ordinary, however, when it is repeated, it is menacing and causes alarm and distress to the victim. At the Portland Centre, we offer unconditional belief and support.

This is how the Portland Centre can help

What next?

If you have a dispute which you need help with, just call us on 01305 824333 or e-mail us using our contact form or pop in to see a Portland Centre staff member to receive immediate assistance.