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Child Access

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Happy child with both parents

A breakdown of a marriage or relationship between couples is often a confusing and difficult time. Many parents find themselves in quite serious conflict over the amount of time that their children will spend with each of them. However, Research shows that the children who adjust best to life after family separation are those that have ongoing contact, love and support of both parents. Children value contact with both their parents even where that is small or imperfect.

At the Portland Centre we can help you work out reasonable contact which puts the needs of your child above your own.

We will help you remember that dividing parenting is not a weapon and that we must all love our children more than we hate our ex-partners.

If you need help to sort out your parenting agreement, the Portland Centre can help you:

What next?

If you have a child access problem which you need help with, just call us on 01305 824333 or e-mail us using our contact form or pop in to see a Portland Centre staff member to receive immediate assistance.