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Portland Locals Opposing Poo (PLOP)

Portland Locals Opposing Poo

Ploppers protest that a minority of dog owners leave dog mess in bags hanging around on the Island, or even worse, do not pick up their dogs mess.

The group is affiliated with the Friends of Victoria Garden and say they aren’t anti-dogs and in fact lots of group members have canine friends.

However, they want to make irresponsible dog owners, who are bagging their pooch’s mess and lobbing it or just leaving it, to stop and think.

PLOP is urging people to report dog fouling to Dorset County Council, people can go online and complete a short form to alert the authorities to the problem.

Report dog mess by visiting www.dorsetforyou.com/dog-warden.

What next?

Just call us on 01305 824333 or e-mail us using our contact or pop in to see a Portland Centre Staff member, to receive immediate assistance.