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Repossession by your Landlords Mortgage Lender. If you rent your home from a private landlord, you could find yourself facing eviction if your landlord falls behind with their mortgage payments.

Repossesion advice at The Portland Centre

Do you have a right to stay? If your landlord falls behind with their mortgage payments, their mortgage lender could take them to court to get possession of the property. This will usually give them permission to evict anyone who lives there, including tenants.

How can you delay repossession of your home? If your tenancy is not binding on the landlord's lender, you have two opportunities to delay possession of your home by up to two months. The first is before a judge issues a possession order. This is an order which says that the landlord's lender can take possession of your home and that you will have to leave by a certain date.

When will you have to leave? If the mortgage lender has started court action against your landlord, they should send a letter to the property addressed to the Tenant or Occupier telling you about the court hearing in advance. But in some cases, you may not be aware there is a problem until the court sends a notice to your home with details of the date on which the bailiffs will come to take possession of the property.

Is there anything else you can do? You could consider suing your landlord for compensation for the loss of your tenancy, any storage costs and emergency accommodation. If you act quickly, you may be able to get compensation when the property is sold although this may depend on whether there is any money left from the sale of the property when the mortgage is repaid.

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If you a home owner or tenant who is worried about repossesion and desperately need help, just call us on 01305 824333 or e-mail us using our contact form or pop in to see a Portland Centre staff member to receive immediate assistance and access our free, independent 'Care Home' guide, which includes a checklist of what you should be looking for in a Care Home.