"Free advice, information, support, guidance and counselling for Portlanders"

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Who Are We?

The Portland Centre has been working for this Community since 1995, delivering a One-Stop-Shop approach to solve the difficulties we all face, by providing free confidential, independent and impartial Advice; Information; Guidance; Support and Counselling

Help is on hand at The Portland Centre

We are funded by the Big Lottery – Reaching Communities Programme, which exactly describes the work we undertake on your behalf. Our Specialist Services, Advisors and Support Workers will assist you to find answers and cope with issues that are challenging you, your life and your family.

When you arrive, you will be offered a quiet session with a Portland Centre staff member who will listen and identify the most appropriate way to help you. Depending on your particular needs, we may make an appointment to further discuss your problem or seek specialist help. We will support you throughout your journey by attending appointments, meetings, hearings and court dates with you.  We will write letters, contact creditors, help you make financial plans and support your decisions. We will undertake any task to assist you to find resolution and peace of mind.

Where possible, we will try to resolve your query as speedily as possible but often, our clients have multiple issues and problems, which cause considerable distress, worry and sadness. Our advisors are trained to take a wider approach when dealing with enquiries and we will take on ALL your troubles and offer a package of help and advice, which is relevant to you and your circumstances. We will 'walk the path' with you until together, we have found workable solutions.

Family support at The Portland Centre

We will never judge you, never talk about you, never turn you away. We will treat you with kindness, respect and care. Through our intervention more than 6,000 clients every year, find peace, obtain better services and resolve issues, enquiries and difficulties. We help people take control of their lives and help others attain their dreams.

Our highly professional staff also assist other organisations, groups, and charities to get good ideas off the ground by offering help with Steering Committee work, Governance, Policies and Fundraising. Contact us, if this will help your dream or great idea become a reality.

Our Services are constantly evolving, moving and changing and we aim to be a bright, warm and welcoming place to go when all else has failed. So, bring your troubles, questions and needs to us and we will support, care and assist you throughout your journey until you feel able to cope or have found the answers you are searching for.

Nothing is too small or too big for our attention. We are here for you.