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Elsie Case Study

Please be aware that we have changed the names in this case study as well as some of the circumstances. Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us in all things we do. Images are for illustration only.

Elsie, in financial control once more

Elsie is elderly, fit and well. Her son suggested she should hand over her financial affairs to him to deal with for her. He made her sign a power of attorney and took her pension book, giving her an allowance every week, he even joked it was her pocket money and had she done her homework. Two years ago, Elsie owned her own home and had a healthy bank balance and considerable savings.

She wanted to order a catalogue and was stunned to find she was no longer credit worthy enough. Very troubled and upset she came to the Portland Centre We immediately recognised what had been happening and suggested she might want to talk to the Police.

Elsie went away to think about it, we suggested she did not mention her doubts to her Son, just yet. She came back the next day. We helped her speak to the Police who thoroughly investigated what had happened. Her son was interviewed under caution, but Elsie did not want to press charges.

We helped her set up financial systems, which dealt with her finances, but kept them in her own hands. We also accessed a daily Care Worker who helped Elsie with her shopping, cooking and cleaning. She is not happy after this experience but she at least has peace of mind and her dignity.